Avoid the Risk of a Seroquel Overdose

Avoid the Risk of a Seroquel Overdose

We believe that learning something new about your disease and building an understanding of your disease is an important step in managing it.

Therefore, if you are frustrated with your traditional treatment and are looking for a new kind of treatment for Post Psychotic Depression, that was developed in the recent years by a world class expert sufferer – Ronen David, then why not reading more about it? Ronen is the author of the “Coping With Schizophrenia Package”. Didn’t hear about it?

Visit his web site and learn about the best available Treatment For Post Psychotic Depression.

It is called the “The Coping with Psychosis & Schizophrenia Self Help Handbook” and is a series of e-books. As per Ronen, by reading and following it, you will find there is life after psychosis and that it can be good and fulfilled. It will not happen overnight, but if you persevere and stick to the method Ronen is offering you, which is simple, logical, and easy to implement, your recovery is guaranteed.

The book’s approach is holistic and covers most of the strategies in life necessary to recover from the illness and embark on a new road. The book emphasizes being independent and not relying on others as much as possible. All the material in the book was written according to Ronen’s life experience and that of other consumers during the years in which he has been successfully coping with the psychotic disorder and its side effects.


Here are a few things that you will learn in his book:

– Methods to deal appropriately with routine life after the psychotic disorder.

– How physical activity can aid recovery.

– How to avoid depression.

– The principles of healthy nutrition.

– And how to stop smoking.


As per Ronen taking psychiatric medication is very important, but is not enough to recover from Schizophrenia Negative Symptoms in order to receive the best schizophrenia treatments. By taking anti-psychotic medication, the situation may become stable. But it is also important to understand that the Schizophrenia Negative Symptoms will stay if you do not adopt the recovery approach and self-help that Ronen suggests in “The Coping with Psychosis & Schizophrenia Self Help Handbook.”

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  1. Seth says:

    Thank you all for the comments. Normaly when a dissociation happens I end up just scratching my head trying to figure out what happened as I usually do not have a clue. It had been sometime for me as well before starting the process again a month ago. The whole trying to get my entire body, mind, spirit healthy again pretty much is the driving force behind it well that and a toothache that never went away. The main side effect to Seroquel is drowsiness so I guess that is why a lot of people take it at night. I take it twice throughout the day then again at night combined with Temazapam for sleep. I have nightmares as well but not sure if they are the results of the meds or something else, chances are for me they are something else.

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