Who Should Not Use Seroquel

seroquel overdoseWho Should Not Use Seroquel

This article is going to discuss the antipsychotic drug named Seroquel or Quetiapine fumarate . It is primarily used in the treatment of bipolar disorders and schizophrenia. Just like taking any kind of medication a person can take too much and cause a Seroquel overdose. If a Seroquel overdose is taken, there is a risk of death and this is a particularly high risk if it is used to treat elderly patients with mental problems like dementia. This is why it isn’t approved to treat problems caused by dementia.

There is an increased risk of suicidal action or even just thoughts when used by teenagers, children or young adults. Depression combined with other mental challenges also increases the risk of  suicide even when not using Seroquel.

Caregivers and family members absolutely must keep a close watch on patients that take Seroquel. They also need to keep in very close contact with the patient’s doctor. They must call and tell the doctor immediately if the patient demonstrates symptoms such as increased depressions, changes in their normal behavior or speak of suicidal thoughts or dreams.seroquel and dementia

Seroquel isn’t approved or even recommended to be used in elderly patients that suffer from dementia. Dementia is a disorder of the brain that causes challenges in the person’s ability to think clearly, remember things, communicate and even to perform routine daily activities. It can cause instant mood and personality changes. Patients that use any antipsychotics (such as Seroquel and other mental illness medications) have increased risk of death due to potential seroquel overdose caused by them forgetting that they already took a dose and take another, possibility more than once in a short time frame.

The specific effects of a seroquel overdose varies depending on a variety of factors. These include how much of a seroquel overdose was taken, if the overdose was combined with alcohol, drugs or other prescribed medications.

While Seroquel is a good drug to use with certain kinds of patients, it should not be used on any elderly patient suffering any level of dementia. Even those that can and probably should use Seroquel should be very closely watched to catch any seroquel overdose symptoms or side effects as soon as they occur.

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